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We are revolutionising conversational commerce, through next-gen customer support solutions and marketing experiences.
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We utilize conversational marketing to
sky-rocket your business


To help scaling our clients' businesses with most convenient conversational commerce solutions for online sales, lead generation and customer support automation.


To bring satisfying conversational experiences through chatbots for 100 million people all around the world.


Digital Agency that Turns Conversations into Sales

Founded in May of 2018, ChatMarketing is a digital agency specialising in conversational commerce. We are helping e-commerce shops, healthcare clinics, insurance providers, sports teams, and other high-traffic companies to reduce costs and increase sales by providing innovative services for marketing and customer service automation.
We can help in various ways but these are the most common:
  1. We are building custom chatbot solutions, which saves human resources and time for both you and your customers.
  2. We are integrating Messenger shopping as an additional channel for sales and marketing. These solutions include a dynamic product catalog, Messenger-based cart and checkout, and various automations for CRO on Messenger. Most common platforms that we can integrate Messenger with: Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify.
  3. We are running Facebook Ads traffic through interactive and innovative chatbot marketing campaigns. This way our clients engage their audiences, build email marketing lists and convert new users into leads and sales.
  4. We are automating customer service channels through NLP chatbots and conversational AI solutions. Whether it's a social media bot (Facebook, Instagram), messaging bot (Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram), or live chat on your website – we can handle it and reduce your costs and time resources for customer support activities.
We are headquartered in Lithuania (Europe) but our efficient systems have enabled us to work remotely with international clients.


What we believe in and stand by

We are running our organisation strongly grounded in principles... If you believe in same things, have a chat.


Instead of just patting ourselves on the back, we are looking into metrics and coming up with data-driven conclusions for improvement.


Accountability for all of our actions is what develops trust between clients, partners and team-members. It is a part of our long-term strategy.


Positive user experience makes the end users happy, ensures positive feedback, higher conversions and life-time value of customers.


Continious effort into growing individually and interpersonally is what brings earned joy and progress.


It never stops us from expanding our vision, staying relevant in a fast-paced industry and coming up with new ways of creating value.


People tend to over-estimate what can be done in a year and under-estimate what can be accomplished in 5 years. We are patient.


Who makes it happen

Paulius Alionis

CEO and Lead Strategist |


Chatbots Project Manager |


Web Developer |


Head of Tech |


Content Marketing Specialist |


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Our expertise

Conversational design & UX
Copywriting & storytelling
Graphic design & video
Conversational AI & NLP/NLU
Coding & integrations
Analytics & segmentation


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Our chatbot agency can improve your business in 3 key areas

Customer support chatbots

No more waiting: save time and deliver a superior and a more personalized customer experience.

Messenger chatbot marketing

Reach your targets the new way: stand out from the crowd with creative chatbot marketing campaigns, target, engage and turn conversations into sales.

Chatbots for lead generation and sales

Grow your business: Target and segment audience, gather data, resolve high-volume customer queries, engage, collect leads and build personalized connection with customers.
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Founded in May of 2018, ChatMarketing is a digital agency specialising in conversational commerce. We are helping companies from e-commerce, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics and financial industries to reduce costs and increase sales by using NLP and conversational AI chatbots for customer service automation and Messenger marketing.
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