• Nowadays, anyone can build a simple Facebook Messenger bot, but it can also be done by professional agencies.
  • Building chatbots without the knowledge and experience will take much longer than if it would be done by professionals.
  • Without proper skills and experience, the chatbot is more likely not to work as well as it should and may not be fully optimized for good user experience.
  • Chatbot professionals are able to add new sales processes that have a strong impact on generating revenue.
  • If you are getting a lot of traffic or planning to advertise, you should consider hiring chatbot experts. Otherwise, if the chatbot is not made well, users might respond negatively to it.
  • If you have enough time and skills, you can try to create a simple chatbot by yourself.

Chatbots are a powerful tool that can deliver far more results than you think. It is not just about providing information on a new platform or a new channel for spam. Messenger chatbots can be a unique solution for achieving your business goals and accelerating results.

Like any other functional marketing solution, it requires a good strategy, flawless implementation, testing, constant optimization, and many other processes.

Quite often, people who try to create chatbots by themselves do not have the necessary skills to perform all of these processes.

Here are some reasons, why it is worth to leave messenger marketing work to an agency.


Professionals work faster

As in any field, so do in building Messenger bots: experts will not only do it better but also do it faster. Time is money (and some people would say that it is much more) and you probably already know it.

In case to learn how to build chatbots, you may need to spend a lot of time searching for information and practising. Agencies have all the knowledge and experience and also know how to make most of the time spent on chatbot projects.
If you are not planning to create chatbot by yourself, one of the difficulties that you may face is the lack of human resources. Agencies have enough specialists, so their teamwork and experience will lead to the creation of great user experience trough conversation in a shorter time.

Also, agencies know how to avoid common mistakes and have examples of the best practices, so it also saves a lot of time in building a chatbot and testing it.


Experts know what results to expect and how to reach them

Quite often, companies’ managers and marketing specialists have never heard about Messenger marketing and chatbots. In most cases, they do not have enough knowledge about how chatbots works, what strategy is the best and what results to expect. It becomes an obstacle from the very first stage of building a chatbot when we need to set the goals and define new sales and customer service processes.


What skills are required to create a chatbot

A chatbot is not just text submission in a chat-type format. It has a lot of processes inside, that require specific knowledge.
  1. Storytelling

Successful chatbot has to be engaging. A boring and monotonous content drops user engagement and may lead the user to leave the chat and unsubscribe.

To keep the user engaged, it is important for the chatbot to be able to communicate in a user-friendly way and style.

  1. Chat design & UX

It is very important for the chatbot to display right information, diversifying it into the right size text blocks, visual elements and response buttons.

Avoid chaos. Try to present information in logical structure, short text boxes, each time encouraging user interaction.

Try to predict possible user reactions when designing user experience in Messenger. This gives the ability to see and create further possible flow variations. Adding quick reply buttons and right links to the website will increase user experience. To do this, you need to have some knowledge of chat psychology and some practice on how to build it.

  1. Graphic design

Even if the text is the main element in a chat-type communication, it is very important to enrich users experience with some graphic elements. They add interactivity and viability for conversation.

Graphic elements should be related to companies’ brand book in order to create an association with the brand. It helps the user to connect with the brand and build a good relationship, add some more value to the user.

Various graphic elements, such as photos, gifs, videos, can be used in simple message sequence, card, gallery or list covers in Messenger.

  1. Sales optimization

In order to achieve the best sales results, it is important to identify the optimal sales processes and automate the purchase experience for potential and existing customers through Messenger chatbot. This requires specific knowledge of sales psychology and the ability to apply automation to solve users’ problems that make the completion of a purchase difficult.

  1. Customer support automation

Nowadays, customers want to get answers and have their problems solved quickly. Chatbots gives answers instantly 24/7.

Customer support automation involves processes such as user request analysis, developing the interface between keywords and possible answers, provided answers analysis and optimization.

  1. Programming and integrations

More sophisticated chatbot solutions can only be implemented by writing a unique code. One of the most powerful ways to use chatbot is integrations. A chatbot can be integrated into a website, online store, CRM systems, databases and other countless channels. A properly developed chatbot has the ability to receive, process and send large amounts of information in any desired form.

  1. Digital marketing

Traffic is required for the chatbot to function properly. Traffic can be sent to chatbot through various digital marketing channels. You should think about how to bring your target audience to a chatbot with the lowest possible cost. More about Messenger Marketing.

  1. Analytics and segmentation

One of the key Messenger marketing features is extremely wide segmentation capabilities. User segmentation allows sending more personalized content, which may lead to higher engagement. The right content at the right time will ensure great user experience, will create and maintain a close relationship between the user and the brand.

To do this properly, make sure that you track and analyze the data you have and optimize the chatbot accordingly.



What might happen if you use a poor chatbot

Misrepresentation of the brand is one of the biggest risks that can negatively affect potentials clients view over your products or services. Messenger marketing agencies will adjust chatbot style to your companies’ brand book and will create unique, proper communication tone.
Finally, a poorly functioning Facebook or website bot can annoy your visitors. The painful truth is that this is the most common user reaction to today’s chatbots. It nor only can cost you a lost customer, but also lead to negative feedback on your Facebook or Google accounts. Once again, in case to avoid bad consequences you may consider hiring a chatbot marketing agency.


How to choose a chatbot agency?

If you decided to work with an agency, don’t hurry and take time to do some research. Find out what decisions an agency implement, how much experience it has, what results they reached with their clients. Take a look at how their chatbots work, how good are their value and user experience.

Of course, don’t forget that you can always consult with the professionals. Contact Chatmarketing.co team and get a free consultation. We will help you find out how Messenger marketing can be applied to your own business.


When it is worth creating chatbot by yourself?

If you decide that you can’t afford to hire a chatbot specialist, you can try to create a chatbot yourself. This may be a good solution if you have enough skills and time for it and you do not have a large visitor’s traffic.

You can find out how to build your own chatbot here.

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