• Messenger Chatbot is a tool that allows users to connect with businesses.
  • Facebook Messenger is the second most used application in the world.
  • Over 2 billion messages are sent every month between users and businesses in Messenger.
  • Messenger has exceptionally high opening (about 80-90%) and click-through (about 10-30%) rates.
  • Messenger Chatbots can help you to reach your audience, save time and costs on customer service, segment your users and personalise your content, identify and automate leads, shorten the shopping path and sell on Messenger, and connect with existing customers.

Imagine that it is 1998 and you are one of the first to create a website. You would be one of the few indexed in the Google search engine, so competition would be extremely low. Move back to the 1880s and imagine your phone number being one of the only few in the phone book. What does this mean? Competition is extremely low and attention is guaranteed.

Messenger Chatbots provides a similar opportunity - a way to reach your customers without a huge competition.

Just like a website or phone number, Messenger Chatbot is a tool that helps users to connect with the business.


The best time to start using chatbots

There are several reasons why you should start using the Messenger Chatbot now.

First of all, Facebook Messenger is the second most used app in the world, used by 68% of people with smart devices.
facebook messenger
Nielsen's study found that chat is the second most convenient way for a consumer to connect with a business. In total, over 2 billion messages are sent every month between users and businesses in Messenger.

Another reason is that there are just barely 300 000 chatbots available in Messenger. This is a very small number compared to the fact that over 6 million businesses are running paid ads on Facebook.

Also, Messenger currently has extremely high opening (about 80-90%) and click-through (about 10-30%) rates with email rates of around 20% and about 3% respectively.


Why Messenger chatbot is necessary?

  1. Access to your audience cheaply
  2. Facebook reduces the organic reach of businesses every year, making it increasingly difficult and expensive to reach its users. Messenger can help with this. Anyone who engages in a Messenger conversation will be added to your subscriber list. With extremely high opening rates and low Messenger broadcasting costs you can reach almost any user for free.

  3. Time and cost savings
  4. Customers want to be served 24/7 - they don't like to wait. Hiring round-the-clock customer support specialists is a big expense, therefore AI chatbot is a perfect solution to enable businesses to automatically respond to user requests at any time of the day.

    Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions from customers, place booking information, accept bookings and more. Moreover, it is all done in a conversational format – the way your users are used to interacting with friends and colleagues.

  5. User segmentation and content personalisation
  6. Chatbots make it easy to segment your users and customise content accordingly.

    Chatbots can achieve a level of personalisation that is neither possible on the website, nor in email.

    Segmentation can be done in a variety of ways - based on demographics, what kind of goods they are interested in, how much they were involved in the previous conversations with you and so on.

    Users now wish to see only what sparks their interest in the first look. They like to see stuff that has been tailor-made to suit their personal needs.

  7. Ability to identify and automate lead generation
  8. Chatbots can also help you to solve problems in services or business-to-business markets. It can help you segment and identify those who are the most potential customers. While chatting, the chatbot can ask you a few questions to help identifying your needs. Once a potential customer has been identified, contact information can be automatically distributed to relevant individuals (i.e. sales agents) through IT integrations.

  9. Ability to sell (or at least shorten the shopping path)
  10. A well-tailored chatbot can transform the sales process to Messenger – allowing the user to shop in a convenient, chat-based way.

    The application of chatbot in e-commerce is extremely extensive. From shopping assistant, artificial intelligence based search or product recommendations, to the ability to send order updates, remarketing, promotions or news – the adaptability here is almost limitless.

  11. Customer relationship management
  12. Chatbots have the unique ability to store a huge amount of information about each user. Highly personalised content can help you to maintain a strong, close relationship with your customers.

    Often your users in Messenger do not even have to write anything to respond – they can just click the quick-reply button. This encourages engagement, which means they are much more likely to move on to the next stage of your marketing funnel.


Do I really need it?

Chatbot can perform many functions and solve a variety of business or customer issues. If you receive a large number of messages or want to stay active with your existing customers, then enable chatbot that can help you to achieve your business goals. But first, consider whether it is better to make the chatbot yourself or to hire a professional agency to do it.

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