Case Study: How Creative Christmas Messenger Marketing Campaign Helped Collecting Emails for E-Commerce Store

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Success story

Lithuanian household appliances and electronic devices e-commerce brand BIGBOX.LT was one of the first in Lithuania to implement Messenger Marketing campaign into their marketing strategy during Christmas period. This year, they decided to focus on building strong relationships with their customers by engaging with them in Facebook Messenger, which lead to later communication on email and retargeting via Facebook Ads and helped to achieve a more cohesive omnichannel presence.



BIGBOX.LT is an established and one of the leading electronics and household appliances e-commerce stores in Lithuania. Since their launch in 2011, they were successfully implementing different ways to stand out from their competition, attract new customers and maintain their relationships with existing ones. This lead to the decision to try one of the most untapped digital marketing channels with a lot of potential - Messenger marketing.


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Build relationships with customers, generate Messenger and Email subscribers

BIGBOX.LT wanted to improve their omnichannel presence by attracting new quality Messenger and Email subscribers.


Interactive Messenger campaign

BIGBOX.LT has chosen to implement an interactive Messenger campaign for the 2019 Christmas holiday season. We have developed a gamified conversational experience in Messenger which results exceeded our expectations.

By leveraging Facebook Ads, we have attracted many Facebook users to participate in this challenge by BIGBOX.LT's Santa. Every user was given 6 different images that contained 4 pictures and were challenged to guess what each picture has in common. As a reward for their success, we were giving away discount codes and exclusive offers, but just before that - we asked them to enter their email addresses.

A gamified interactive experience that helped us to build a relationship with every user, was a key to success in achieving a conversion rate from Messenger subscriber to email subscriber as high as 62%.

BIGBOX.LT Chatbot Messenger Marketing

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Creative Messenger Marketing campaign was a huge success for BIGBOX.LT. It has not only resulted in a high number of new Messenger and email subscribers, but it has also helped to stand out from the competition and build relationships with their customers.

"We have chosen ChatMarketing as our partners to help us leverage one of the most popular messaging platforms as of today - Facebook Messenger. They came up with and implemented many different innovative ideas in communication with users of this channel. ChatMarketing team members are carrying not only the technical expertise in that field but also are very creative thinkers. They monitor all the processes in real-time and have the ability to react quickly even in a very fast-paced environment. I wish them continuous growth and best of luck!"

Marijus Aliulis
Head of Marketing, BIGBOX

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