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Success story

The retail network for home appliances and electronics Technorama together with LG provided users of social networks a unique opportunity to follow the World Basketball Championship (FIBA 2019) matches and participate in a special totalizer for valuable prizes. In order to automate this campaign virtual assistant was implemented on a Messenger platform. Technorama’s chatbot was able to remind users about upcoming matches, register subscribers' guesses, announce the results and good news to the winners of the totalizer through messages.


About Technorama

TECHNORAMA is a houshold appliances and electronics retail network located in Western Lithuania. Technorama sells household appliances, electronics, audio-visual equipment, computer equipment and helps customers to choose the most suitable technologies for their smart homes. More than 120 employees, almost 300 sales and service partners and an integrated Messenger chatbot ensure the smooth operation of the store network and high-quality and fast customer service.

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Engage users during FIBA Basketball World Cup and increase sales


Interactive World Basketball Championship totalizer

By leveraging Facebook and TV3 television advertising, social network users were invited to watch the preparation of the Lithuanian national basketball team for the world championship, guess the results of the matches and win valuable prizes. User guesses were registered by an automated chatbot that reminded subscribers about upcoming matches, announced results and good news to winners who have won prizes set up by LG.

BIGBOX.LT Chatbot Messenger Marketing

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During the campaign, the chatbot automated over 145,000 sent messages. More than 10,000 active fans took part in the Technorama World Basketball Championship totalizer and tried their luck. 72% of the totalizer participants became email subscribers and followed the further marketing communication of the brand.

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