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Interactive digital marketing campaigns

Interactive digital marketing campaigns are where the bots really shine. Experience shows, that messenger channel has higher open and CTR rates than display ads. The chatbot marketing campaigns range from very similar to difficult, surely, it mostly depends on the leads you are trying to reach and interactivity level you choose. However, the main goal is to engage users - a button click that leads to subscription plays an important role in the further marketing strategy.

There are some examples below of interactive digital campaigns for subscribers generation:

  1. Gift guide (perfect for Christmas season)
  2. Personality, skill tests
  3. Mini logical games
  4. True or false (knowledge about product or brand)

Remember, chatbot marketing is a place where creativity is everything. If you want to engage users you have to be creative and attract attention. It is very important to use inclusive text and visuals to get users interaction. Also, it is possible to connect Messenger with other programs for better user experience and data. Certainly, each interaction turns into subscribers contact.

Once you build a subscribers list you can send them follow-up messages and sequences. This channel is very cost-effective because people in the subscribers list already know your brand, so they are likely to be in the middle or the bottom of the sales funnel, which means higher chances to lead to conversion. Sequences and follow-up messages can also include interactive steps. You can drive traffic to the website, make them earn promo codes by submitting answers, notify about sales first and etc. To sum up, make sure they will see the benefits of being in that subscribers list, otherwise, they will immediately unsubscribe if they will not get any use of it.

Another very important part is that to generate flow into chatbot it is necessary to run send-to-messaging Facebook ads. Organic flow is getting harder to reach every day, so if you release chatbot, ads are a must. Also, send-to-messaging ads has it’s own benefits:

  1. Lower cost per conversion compared to Facebook display ads
  2. Ability to send messenger sequences to people in messenger
  3. Opportunity to create a sale funnel that generates sales within the messenger
  4. It has a higher open rate ant CTR compared to other social network ads
  5. It drives users to a mobile-friendly and very engaging conversion funnel experience

In conclusion, chatbots are a great choice for interactive digital campaigns. It has unlimited possibilities on ways how to grow subscribers list and generate leads. Even when your goal is to get more subscribers you can generate sales by adding links to website or product catalog. Chatbots are a mashup of mobile, social and instant messaging power. They’re not a future they’re a presence.

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