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Chatbots are automated systems that we interact with via text or voice interface. Those interactions are gaining momentum these days. With the rapid development of technology, customer service standards are clearly changing. Consumers themselves are demanding more and more autonomy and self-service opportunities when shopping or searching for information, so businesses are transforming communication between customers and a service specialist or brand representative into advanced automated service systems to meet customer expectations. For this reason, the use of chatbots in business is becoming a very important tool for improving and facilitating communication with customers. Chatbot can be used for a variety of tasks: from reporting the weather to selling products or services directly to customers.

Chatbot application

Chatbots for different types of businesses

E-commerce chatbots

  • Messenger chatbot shop
  • Virtual assistant
  • Order status tracking
  • Automatic notifications

Local services chatbots

  • Dynamic reservations
  • Fast automatic answers to frequently asked questions
  • Interactive catalogues
  • Educational and entertainment quizzes and games

Healthcare chatbots (Medical clinics support)

  • Registration for visits or subscriptions
  • Health tests and tips
  • Virtual personal trainer / advisor
  • Virtual consulting
  • Automatic surveys

Insurance and financial services chatbots

  • Chatbot spreadsheets, calculators
  • Dynamic registration
  • Nearest service location
  • Automatic surveys

Telecommunications chatbots

  • Interactive lead generation
  • Fast automatic answer to frequently asked questions
  • Nearest service location
  • Account management via chatbot
  • Personalized offers and notifications

Logistics chatbots

  • Shipment status tracking
  • Nearest service location
  • Delivery status notifications
  • Fast automatic answer to frequently asked questions
  • Recruitment (HR chatbot)

Banking chatbots

  • Fast automatic answer to frequently asked questions
  • Interactive lead generation
  • Nearest service location
  • Automatic user surveys
  • Virtual Assistant

Governmental institutions chatbots

  • Fast automatic answers to questions
  • Interactive lead generation
  • Nearest service location
  • Account management via chatbot

Accommodation chatbots

  • Room reservation
  • Virtual assistant
  • Virtual tour of the hotel / rooms
  • Fast automatic answers to questions

Restaurant and food delivery chatbots

  • Order food through Messenger
  • Dynamic menus
  • Table reservation

Chatbot features

The functionality of the user interface depends heavily on the chatbot platform. Let's discuss what is most relevant to You.


Supported platforms and technologies

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