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Every minute is important when a potential or existing customer has a question that prevents him from making a purchase. A chatbot will be there for you at any given time, even at 2AM on a Saturday night..

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Implementing chatbots not only enhances support quality but also increases the efficiency of your customer service team. Customer service bots are capable of attending to several customer interactions simultaneously. It ensures your customers are not waiting long for getting a response.


Implementing Customer Support chatbot

Messenger Chatbot for Customer Support
  • Available on Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Additional support channel
  • Live Chat feature
  • Additional integrations
  • Smart lead management

Web chatbot
  • Can be integrated to any website location
  • Integration with other tools: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, Telq, etc.
  • API Integration with CRM
  • Custom Design available
Messenger Chatbot advantages:

A chatbot on the website or a messaging app is able to provide a certain level of support 24/7. Even in the instance when the bot isn’t able to resolve a particular issue, it can still identify the type and urgency of the issue. Bots are always active to engage your customers by providing instant answers to common queries, which improves customer satisfaction. With customer support chatbots, you can reduce the number of support tickets raised by addressing simple queries instantly. By having chatbots in place, you can allow agents to focus more on the critical aspects of customer service.

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Leiskite chatbotui Let chatbot answer the questions which you've already answered a dozen times and give your customers the best experience with instant 24/7 answers.

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