Customer support automation

Every minute matters when it comes to replying to a potential customer. Customer support automation speeds up customer service processes and is fundamental in optimizing customer experiences. Remember, people expect to get answers instantly and solve their problems 24/7.

Customer support automation

There are many possibilities on how to adjust messenger chatbots for customer support automation. The first level support automation is Questions & Answers. Messenger chatbot is the best thing when customers ask simple, common questions because the information required to respond has already been gathered and employees do not have to waste time repeating them over and over again. However, having more complex questions, sometimes a Chatbot may not be able to answer them, but it can be used to classify them and collect important data before live chat starts, saving a lot of time for both customer and live customer support agent. When human help is needed, an employee gets a notification to email or messenger and can start a conversation knowing the main information about the problem.

The key benefits of using Messenger chatbots to improve customer support automation:

  1. Instant 24/7 answers
  2. Saves time, simple for the customers to use
  3. Decrease customer service costs for business
  4. Notify responsible employees when human interaction is needed
  5. Can be used for purchase notifications (order or shipping updates)
  6. Customers get more personalized, engaging and interactive messaging experiences

Nowadays most people are always in a hurry, so they do not want to wait till business working hours to get their answers. Keep customers’ satisfaction high and start using a chatbot for customer support, especially if your business gets a huge amount of requests or it takes a lot of time to get an answer from you. Remember, that taking ages to answer simple questions about products and services leaves customers feeling ignored and if he is feeling ignored - he will go straight to your competitor.

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