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Messenger is among the most effective channels for e-commerce growth. You can relate it to email marketing, but the main benefit is that people open and are more likely to read your message instantly in Messenger rather than email.

Also, customers pay more attention to your message and do not classify it as an advertisement from the very first seconds in this channel. They are more likely to read it all, unlike email newsletter.

Messenger chatbots can be used as one of the best performing remarketing channels because they can provide credible shopping advice based on purchase history and customers’ preferences. Also, Messenger chatbots can be easily used for abandoned cart recovery campaigns.

E-Commerce use cases

Messenger shopping

There is a new e-commerce trend that is coming up – Messenger shopping. It enables shopping experience on messaging platforms like Messenger or WeChat to fully go through the purchasing process that traditional retail stores have been offering. 
Main reasons why you should start using a Messenger shopping option:

  1. Dynamic product display based on users data and shopping history means more relevant products and bigger chances to sell;
  2. Integrated shopping assistant chatbot gives the main information, engage, collect data and suggest products through conversation based on users needs and increases customers` satisfaction;
  3. Smooth shopping experience with only a few clicks without leaving an app lowers the risk for user to be distracted and drop off from funnel at one of the many steps;
  4. Automated follow-ups for further communication. At first, it might be used as order tracking and status updates, later you might send promo codes, engaging marketing campaigns or special offers.
With the dynamic product display and shopping assistant chatbot, it is possible to generate sales 24/7 and successfully generate leads for both hot and cold audiences. Remember, that shopping gets easier each day, customers want to make a purchase instantly and don’t want to register to every e-commerce store and fill up the same shopping information over and over again. 
There are some examples of how to integrate the Messenger chatbots in the following ways:

  1. Automatized online consultation and product suggestions based on customers needs,
  2. Add link buttons like visit e-shop, buy, use product categories carousels and etc.,
  3. Respond to customers’ questions and provide automated notifications about their orders,
  4. Directly send special offers and promo codes, notify about sales,
  5. Sales through conversation,
  6. Abandoned cart recovery,
  7. Remarketing on a personal level,
  8. Engaging and interactive campaigns for brand awareness.

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