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Established in 1991, Invalda INVL together with local and international investment partners has completed numerous M&A deals and capital-raising transactions worth more than 1.5 billion euros overall. Invalda INVL Group currently operates more than 20 funds, including mutual and pension funds in Lithuania and Latvia (2nd and 3rd pillar), also managing private portfolios of financial instruments.

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Educate users and promote financial literacy in an entertaining way


Interactive Messenger test


INVL offers an interactive game that reveals to consumers what savings habits are necessary to meet all future needs. The interactive test contains 6 questions that help identify a user’s financial habits. Each question is different and has at least 4 possible answers. The test lasts just a few minutes, and the witty and life-like situations mentioned in the questions make you think about your saving habits for the future. After choosing the answers that most accurately describe the user's character or actions in similar situations, the result is presented - the type of the user's character, its description and useful recommendations. At the end of the game, users who do not want to miss INVL news, savings tips, games and other educational content are invited to subscribe to the Messenger newsletter.

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