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About Tarp gėlių

"Tarp gėlių" has been delighting and surprising with original gift ideas and flower bouquets for more than 20 years. “Tarp gėlių” was one of the first in Lithuania to provide a home delivery service for flowers, accompanied by noble hussar traditions. With the expansion of the salon's activities and range, the virtual assistant Hussar has become indispensable, helping the salon's customers to choose the most suitable flower bouquets and gifts more easily and quickly.

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Create an automated system to help online store and Facebook visitors choose products to suit their personal needs


Virtual assistant Hussar

Interactive assistant Hussar

The Virtual Assistant dynamically displays a gallery of recommended products on the Messenger platform based on user-specified criteria. During a short, interactive conversation, chatbot is able to determine the type of product that user is looking for (flowers, gifts, etc.), its purpose (birthday, wedding, christening, etc.), the recipient's character (creative, bright personality, etc.) and the available budget (gifts, bouquets up to 10, 20, 50€). The system instantly provides products that meet the specified criteria according to the user's needs, and links to the required gift or flower categories from an online shop.

“Chatbots evolve into emotional and smart participants of the discussions. According to Facebook IQ data, chatbots usage has increased 5.6 times since 2017. It seems that direct and personalized communication between businesses and clients will soon become a common marketing phenomenon.”

Paulius Alionis
CEO of ChatMarketing

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