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ChatMarketing Lead Generation Chatbot
Chatbots can be used to:

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Raise brand awareness
  3. Collect contact information
  4. Automate registry
  5. Book a reservation or consultation
  6. Download an app
  7. Book a reservation
  8. Decrease cart abandonment
  9. Generate service requests and leads

Lead generation with a chatbot

A conversational AI bot can boost results at every stage of lead generation

  • Capturing leads: It initiates instant conversation with every user around-the-clock.
  • Qualifying leads: AI bot evaluates user information to qualify every lead.
  • Filtering leads: It separates all qualified leads from the bad ones for human agents.
  • Engaging leads: It answers both common and complex queries of customers when powered by AI.
  • Assisting through marketing funnel: It supports customers with valuable resources, content, tips, discount offers, and other ways to encourage throughout the marketing funnel.
  • Assisting through sales funnel: It takes care of on-time follow-ups via popular platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to increase sales conversions.
  • Building connections: It keeps your customers updated with new products, services, and offers after-sales as well to maintain a long-term relationship.
  • Virtual sales assistant: Segmenting audience Build Relationships Replace forms Educate your leads

Don’t waste your time. Leave it to lead generation chatbot and focus on sales. Chatbot instantly gathers the necessary information and answers all frequently asked questions 24/7

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