Lead generation with chatbots

Lead generation chatbots

Every B2C and B2B service (or even product) based business has to capture initial leads to generate sales. Real estate, SaaS, beauty, medical, financial services and many more businesses are craving leads like oxygen. In such a competitive environment as today's digital media, you must differentiate and react extremely fast when a potential customer comes close to your door.


Generate your leads through chatbots. Chatbots make it easy to understand your target audience and segment them based on collected data like demographics, age, gender, interests, purchase frequency, etc. It obviously helps you in lead nurturing. You can set campaigns for different segments and expect better results in lead generation because of highly personalized messages and offers.


The best thing about lead generation via chatbots is that we do not have to use tedious filling out forms anymore. Chatbots give the ability to generate some leads like subscriptions or contact information like phone numbers and emails through conversation. Lately, customers are less likely to submit their personal information, but still, people rely on chatbots and prefer chat to communicate with the business. Also, users find it easy to give information in reply. Having a chatbot to collect the information does not bother a user. That is why the chatbot conversion rates are usually much higher.

ChatMarketing Lead Generation Chatbot
Chatbots can be used for such leads generation as:

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Raise brand awareness
  3. Collect contact information like email and phone number
  4. Register for a trial
  5. Book a free consultation
  6. Order a call
  7. Download an app
  8. Book a reservation
  9. Decrease cart abandonment
  10. Generate service requests, etc.

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Don't waste time and human resources collecting information from your potential customers. Leave it to lead generation chatbot and focus on increasing sales. Chatbot for your clients will answer all requests instantly 24/7.

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