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Messenger Marketing

Next Generation Communication

Reach your customers. Build a connection. Engage with your audience.

Right now Messenger marketing is one of the hottest trends in the digital business.

On April 12, 2016 at the annual Facebook F8 Conference, founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of The Messenger Platform Beta, which opened the door to chatbots on the Messenger platform.

In September 2017 Messenger ads were introduced, enabling businesses around the world to exploit Messenger chatbots.

This opened the door for Digital Marketing specialists to exploit Facebook Ads + Messenger Chatbot as a combination to improve marketing and sales.

This system is customizable to improve marketing, sales and customer service rates. Many famous brands around the world are already using this system successfully!

Benefits of Messenger Marketing

Problem solving

How Messenger Chatbots can help Your Business?

Messenger chatbot marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, communicate and sell.

This method solves problems that social networks and websites cannot solve.

Messenger properties

Differences between Messenger and other communication channels

  1. Live chat channel

  2. The channel used primarily for chats and calls with friends and family

  3. Ability to automate user path

  4. Many different elements for structured visual communication

  5. The principle of dialogue

  6. Automatic answers based on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  7. Highly targeted segmentation


Messenger Marketing Numbers

Improving Sales

Sell ​​in the most efficient way - through chat.

Automatic consultation will help the consumer to choose the most appropriate product.

Offer Your products or services via Messenger.

Focus user's attention on the information that matters most to them at that time.

Don’t lose your customers by utilizing abilities to take-over the conversation from chatbot or automated remarketing on Messenger.

Optimize your chatbot and increase conversion rates by tracking user activity and understanding stats.

Perfect for:
  • Potential buyers to solve problematic issues
  • Sales through dialogue
  • Choosing the most appropriate service
  • E-commerce Sales Automation
  • Messenger remarketing

Generating contacts

People who enter the chatbot become Your subscribers, to whom You can continue to send messages without spending any additional cost.

During a chat client's needs are clarified. This will help You truly understand Your customer.

The level of consumer interest and activity is measured.

The level of consumer interest and activity is measured.

After a successful conversion, it is possible to survey the customer experience or sell additional services / products.

Perfect for:
  • Growing Your list of subscribers
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Requests distribution to staff
  • Filtering requests according to relevance / requirements
  • Webinars and other lead magnets
  • Synchronization of collected information and requests with CRM and databases

Automated Customer Service

Answer your questions instantly - do not force a potential customer to wait and go out to Your competitors.

Install artificial intelligence powered chatbot. As the AI Chatbot interacts with more and more people, it will learn to respond to more and more requests.

Do not make the user wait for response.

Answer customer questions 24/7.

Save Your time and money.

Perfect for:
  • Processing large user traffic
  • Effective customer problem solving
  • Automated FAQ response
  • Routing requests to responsible person
  • Application of artificial intelligence
  • Conversations of technical documentation

Communication on the Messenger channel

Get customer feedback through the Messenger chatbot.

Your Chatbot subscribers have the ability to select subscriptions of interest.

The user can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Through constant communication, an extended user profile is created and communication is tailored to the needs and interests.

The consumer gets to know Your business, forms positive associations and becomes a buyer.

Perfect for:
  • Deep feedback
  • Sharing educational or entertainment content
  • Sharing promotions, offers and invitations
  • Smooth user guidance through sales funnel
  • Creating additional value
  • Email newsletter replacement

"ChatMarketing.Lt team installed chatbot for our e-commerce business, automated customer service and collected a subscriber list, which was successfully used for sales and communication."

Edvinas Vilius
CEO, Kobi.Lt


How much does Messenger Chatbot and Marketing cost?

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