Here's what we do

Here at Chatmarketing we don’t just create chatbots - we breathe digital. We love being at the top of the game when it comes to innovations, new digital trends and most recent updates of the most relevant platforms. Here’s what we can do to help your business achieve the objectives and grow.

Creating Chatbot
Ask yourself - if you would be about to build your dream house, would you rather get all the tools and materials needed, watch a ton of tutorials and try your luck in doing that yourself or get a professional build it for you? A few would argue it is better to hire a professional and get your dream house built by him instead of doing that yourself. So why wouldn’t you trust a marketing professional help you grow your business instead of doing that yourself?

This is some of the things we can do:

  • Reservation systems
  • Call requests
  • Chatbot quizzes, tests, games
  • Surveys, forms and other tools to collect the customer's information
  • Automatic reminders
  • Personalized communication
  • Email marketing platform integration
  • and much more!

Messenger Marketing
Messenger isn’t just for staying in touch with your family and friends, it’s also the hottest platform for reaching and engaging with your customers and target audience. Here’s what we can help you achieve with the help of Facebook Messenger:
  • Sales Generation
  • Growing Subscribers List
  • Launching and maintaining advertising campaigns
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Remarketing
  • Tracking user activity
  • Connecting website plugins (live chat, buttons, pop-ups)
  • Improving User Experience

Customer Service Automation
Why keep your customers waiting for hours when a chatbot can answer their queries in seconds? Unlock endless possibilities of customer service automating using a chatbot:
  • Implementing natural language processing (NLP) based on automatic answers
  • Query Analysis
  • FAQ automation
  • Chatbot AI Training
  • Customer service process optimization
  • Messenger Chatbot training
  • Requests distribution to staff
  • Visualization of information

Other services

What else can we do to help Your business?

"ChatMarketing.lt - creative and professional Social Network Marketing specialists. They perfectly manage Facebook, Messenger and Instagram profiles of our dance studio Dance4fun and wellness project Slim4fun. Their unique solutions have helped our company to attract more customers and to ensure a reliable and ongoing feedback. I am happy to recommend them as Online and Facebook Marketing experts!"

Tomas Slausgalvis
Owner, Dance Studio "Dance4Fun"