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Interactive way to reach users and turn them into customers in the most popular messaging apps.
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Messenger marketing

Interactive digital marketing campaigns with chatbots

This is where bots really shine. In a world that’s increasingly reliant on automation, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to chatbots for help with running their companies. Chatbot marketing tools vary from simple to complex depending on the level of interaction you choose. The usual strategy of Messenger marketing is to create interest for customers and introduce a product or service while every click of a button or sent message leads to the next conversion goal and ends with a sale.
Initial contact
Creation of value
Doubt removal


Chatbot marketing solutions

Interactive campaigns

  • Messenger test
  • Messenger quiz
  • Fact or myth
  • Problem solving games

Message sequences

  • Challenges
  • Online Courses
  • Introduction to a product or service
  • Tips for the day

Direct marketing

  • Virtual assistant
  • Lead generation chatbot
  • Interactive calculators (E.g. price, loan or body mass index)
As technology continues to advance in the field of a, chatbots are sure to become a primary method for connecting with people that are interested in what you have to offer. If you’re thinking about adopting a chatbot get in touch with us.


Chatbots are not limited to answering FAQs

  • Personalization
  • Surveys
  • CRM integrations
  • A/B Testing
  • Randomizer
  • Dynamic PDF and image generation
  • Email marketing integration and synergy
  • Google sheets integration

Interactive campaigns

Chatbot marketing campaign types

Tests and quizes

Interactive quizzes can be given to users in the most popular messaging apps. The quizzes given consist of optional answers and the results given at the end (e.g. game points, character type or other rating). This form can be used not only to engage communication with users but also as a tool for education on the new product/service.

Puzzle games

Themed logic games on the messaging platform invite users to think and solve challenging riddles.

Fact or myth

An interactive game type that allows users to compete with their knowledge on a variety of topics by identifying facts and spotting the myths. The aim of the game is to entertain or educate the user on the topic before getting them inside further Messenger or email funnel.

Sequencing of messages

The Sequence is a feature that allows you to subscribe to contacts from your Audience to the chain of messages that can be separated by delays of different lengths. Users that interact with the chatbot within 24 hours can be subscribed to the sequence.

Direct marketing

The chatbots are great when it comes to engaging customers via social media and displaying ad networks. They can enhance the shopping process, too. Chatbots open up a new way of guiding your customers through a product catalog, offering a fun and informative way to find the perfect match.

In conclusion, chatbots are a great choice for interactive digital campaigns. It has unlimited possibilities on how to generate leads and boost sales. Chatbots are the powerhouse of mobile, social and instant messaging. They are not the future; they are the present.


What makes chatbot marketing stand out

It works round-the-clock. A chatbot will initiate chats with your visitors 24/7 so that you can reach a wider audience, capture more leads, and engage more customers. Moreover, your customer support will be available at any time which greatly contributes to customer satisfaction.

It generates and segments leads. A chatbot will gather visitor info such as names, emails, phone numbers, or any other details you need to generate and qualify more leads. The collected data can be sent to your CRM, marketing automation system, or other apps and services you use.

It helps your brand to stay modern and competitive. Chatbots are a modern business tool that is gaining more and more popularity. Using a chatbot on your website, you will show your customers that you are open to new solutions and always ready to help them.

It works for remarketing. Chatbots can be used as one of the most effective retargeting channels because they can provide reliable shopping tips based on purchase history and customer preferences.


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Founded in May of 2018, ChatMarketing is a digital agency specialising in conversational commerce. We are helping companies from e-commerce, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics and financial industries to reduce costs and increase sales by using NLP and conversational AI chatbots for customer service automation and Messenger marketing.
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