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Chatbots can help you generate more leads and automate your sales funnel to optimise conversions and profitability.
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A conversational AI bot can boost results at every stage of lead generation

Chatbot can lead website visitors towards the products they are looking for. Not only can it take a booking and connect a user to someone from your team for live chat but also can take direct orders and payments. There are so many uses for a chatbot: they are available for website visitors’ queries anytime 24/7 and they can interact with many visitors at once. With a chatbot, there will be no day-offs or break time.

Chatbots can engage your prospective customers using personalized messaging together with email marketing automations. Chatbots can qualify leads and guide them smoothly through the buyer’s journey. Based on their conversation, chatbot can provide personalized user experience: introduce your products, educate, engage and eventually inspire them to make a purchase. This way chatbot can help you get a better ROI and improve your social media or website user experience.
Chatbots can be used for sales and lead generation
  1. Collect contact information
  2. Automate registry
  3. Book a reservation or consultation
  4. Download an app
  • Capturing leads: Chatbot can initiate instant conversations with every user around-the-clock.
  • Assisting through sales funnel: It supports customers with valuable resources, content, tips, discount offers, and other ways to encourage conversion throughout the sales funnel.
  • Engaging leads: It answers both common and complex queries of customers when powered by NLP.
  • Qualifying leads: AI-driven bot evaluates user information to separate qualified leads from the bad ones for further funnel automation or human agents.
  • Closing the sale: It leads potential customers to conversions with on-time follow-ups and spot-on call-to-actions.
  • Building retention: It keeps your customers updated with new products, features, and offers even after initial sale to maintain a long-term relationship.
  • Virtual sales assistant: Segmenting audience, build relationships, replace forms Educate your leads
Chatbots will help you to achieve more
  1. Chatbots are a great way to build an email list and supplement email marketing automation.
  2. Chatbots can qualify leads.
  3. Chatbots improve customer experience.
  4. Chatbots help you get a better ROI.
  5. Chatbot can be reached via social media or website’s live-chat.
  6. Chatbots can replace web forms.
Stop wasting your time. Leave it to lead generation chatbot and focus on sales. Chatbot instantly gathers the necessary information and leads your prospects into conversions 24/7.


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Founded in May of 2018, ChatMarketing is a digital agency specialising in conversational commerce. We are helping companies from e-commerce, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics and financial industries to reduce costs and increase sales by using NLP and conversational AI chatbots for customer service automation and Messenger marketing.
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