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BIGBOX.LT is an established and one of the leading electronics and household appliances e-commerce stores in Lithuania. Since their launch in 2011, they have successfully implemented different ways to stand out from their competition, attract new customers and maintain their relationships with existing ones. This led to the decision to try one of the most untapped digital marketing channels with a lot of potential - Messenger marketing.

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During the horrific Halloween period, BIGBOX invited all detective fans to try out a virtual puzzle on the Messenger platform. Players had to unravel the mysterious riddles and find out the cause of the enigmatic events. This interactive campaign is a game based on the user's choice as they determine the outcome of the game. Inclusive in-game dialogues and visual illustrations hide a variety of hints that develop the detective’s script. By noticing the right details, users learn more and more about the motives of history and are confronted with a variety of logical, mathematical tasks, puzzles, and riddles. The detective's story is carefully written and illustrated in detail with drawings. After successfully completing all tasks, detectives were awarded with valuable BIGBOX prizes and special discount codes. The campaign was also organised in Latvia and Estonia.

"We have chosen ChatMarketing as our partners to help us leverage one of the most popular messaging platforms as of today - Facebook Messenger. They came up with and implemented many different innovative ideas in communication with users of this channel. ChatMarketing team members are carrying not only the technical expertise in that field but also are very creative thinkers. They monitor all the processes in real-time and have the ability to react quickly even in a very fast-paced environment. I wish them continuous growth and best of luck!"

Marijus Aliulis
Head of Marketing, BIGBOX

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