AI chatbot for National Post Office “Lietuvos paštas”

Logistics chatbot that helped thousands of people

ChatMarketing Agency has built Lietuvos Paštas an advanced AI chatbot powered by cutting-edge NLP technology and dynamic data functionalities. This chatbot was programmed to understand and respond to customer inquiries in a natural and user-friendly manner, covering a wide array of topics related to postal services and parcel tracking.

About Lithuanian Post chatbot

The volume of incoming messages, especially during peak periods (Q4), places considerable strain on customer service resources, leading to longer wait times and increased pressure on staff. The implementation of the AI chatbot was particularly crucial in this high-demand scenario, providing an efficient, scalable solution to manage the spike in queries. By automating responses to a significant portion of these inquiries, the chatbot significantly alleviated the workload on human customer service representatives, ensuring that customers received timely and accurate information.

Project objective

Streamline customer service operations by reducing the reliance on human resources and enhancing the speed and efficiency of query responses.

AI Chatbots functionality

Key features of the chatbot included:

  • Dynamic Shipment Tracking: Customers could receive real-time updates on the status of their shipments by simply entering their tracking numbers into the chat interface.
  • Zip/Postal Code Search: The chatbot offered an efficient way for users to find zip or postal codes for specific addresses, directly on chatbot.
  • Natural Language Processing: With the ability to discuss over 50 topics, the chatbot could handle a broad spectrum of queries, from general information about postal services to specific questions regarding international shipping regulations.
  • Human handover: When the chatbot encountered questions that required human intervention, it was programmed to smoothly transition the conversation to a customer service representative, ensuring that customers received the assistance they needed.
  • Dynamic Chatbot Analytics and Dashboard: The backend of the chatbot system included a comprehensive analytics platform. This dashboard provided real-time insights into chatbot interactions, user satisfaction, success rate and top topics, enabling continuous optimization of the service.
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