New player of BC Žalgiris Kaunas is the AI chatbot Žalgirietis

AI chatbot for one of the top basketball teams in Europe

In 2020, the Kaunas Žalgiris basketball team set a new standard in fan engagement across the Euroleague by introducing Žalgirietis, the first AI chatbot assistant among Euroleague teams. Available 24/7 on both the Žalgiris Facebook account and website, this virtual assistant offers fans instant updates on player stats, game schedules, and team news. With the ability to discuss over a hundred topics, from chants to the club's history, Žalgiris enriches the fan experience by providing a dynamic and personalized interaction. Continuously updated with new features, this AI chatbot strengthens the bond between the team and its fans, revolutionizing how supporters connect with their favorite Euroleague team.

In 2022, the chatbot was retired due to budget constraints for the upcoming season.

About BC Žalgiris chatbot

The title-holding Lithuanian basketball club Žalgiris, with its high-traffic Facebook account and "" website, turned to smart automation to manage the surge in fan interactions, especially crucial during the COVID era. The introduction of AI chatbot was a strategic move to ensure continuous, efficient customer service and maintain robust fan engagement in challenging times.

Project goal

Automate answers to frequently asked questions and help users find the necessary information faster at any time of the day.

Unique chatbot's tone of voice

Žalgirietis, the Žalgiris AI assistant, boasts a tone that's warm, witty, and rich with the club's culture, sprinkling conversations with familiar slang, inside jokes, and chants. This approach not only reflects the vibrant spirit of BC Žalgiris Kaunas fans but also deepens the bond between them and the club, making every interaction feel like an insider conversation steeped in the BC Žalgiris legacy.

Functionality to enhance basketball fan experience

The Žalgiris chatbot is tailored to enhance the fan experience with a focus on real-time engagement. It provides up-to-the-minute game scores, detailed player statistics, and comprehensive schedules and results for fans who want to stay informed.

Additionally, Žalgirietis offers practical information for game days at the home arena, including parking details, restaurant recommendations, and other essential amenities.

The chatbot seamlessly integrates dynamic news directly from the website, ensuring fans receive the latest updates. It also facilitates merchandise and ticket sales, making it easier for fans to support their team and secure their spot at games.

Natural language processing

Žalgirietis, powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP), can discuss over 120 topics with Žalgiris fans. This AI chatbot's NLP technology enables it to understand and respond to Lithuanian language with precision, covering everything from club's story and interesting facts to solving problems about tickets or parking.

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