Smart chatbot marketing campaign for promoting Keto diet app

Can a chatbot effectively turn users into app subscribers?

Yes and we have a proof!

Keto Cycle, a leading keto diet app, aimed to boost its market presence and user base by engaging potential customers through an innovative marketing strategy. Recognizing the growing demand for personalized diet plans and the effectiveness of direct communication, Keto Cycle decided to leverage a smart Messenger chatbot as one of the promotional channels.

About Keto Cycle chatbot

The marketing campaign was divided into two complementary chatbot-driven campaigns to maximize engagement and personalization:

  • Keto Fact/Myth Quiz
  • Keto Personal Assistant

Project objective

The campaign aimed to elevate app subscriptions by providing engaging, personalized interactions that educated users on the Keto diet's benefits.

Keto Fact/Myth Quiz

This chatbot aimed to engage users through an interactive quiz format, debunking common misconceptions about the keto diet while providing educational content. The quiz served as an initial touchpoint to spark interest and gather user preferences.

Keto Personal Assistant

Building on insights gathered from the initial quiz, this chatbot provided more personalized dietary recommendations and advice, tailored to the individual's goals and preferences, as indicated by their responses to a detailed questionnaire.

Email subscription and offer

Following interaction with either chatbot, users were encouraged to subscribe to Keto Cycle's email list for more in-depth information, ultimately guiding warmed up the audiences to an offer on Keto Cycle website.

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